Calories In String Cheese

String cheese is a healthy snack that is low in calories and fat, yet high in protein.  There are approximately 75-100 calories in a stick of mozzarella string cheese, depending on the brand and variety.  The calorie content may vary depending on the type of string cheese you eat.  There are part skim mozzarella string cheese varieties, nonfat string cheeses, whole milk varieties and low sodium string cheeses.  The calorie content varies depending on the brand and type.

The most popular type of string cheese is the part skim mozzarella string cheese which offers 80 calories per stick.  The second most popular type of string cheese, especially for weight loss enthusiasts, is the nonfat mozzarella string cheese, which offers just 40 calories per stick.

The low sodium string cheese is also 80 calories per stick and contains about half the sodium that regular string cheese contains.  Most sticks of string cheese weigh approximately one ounce and are just enough to fill you up.  String cheese is used by dieters because of their convenience and ability to be stored in a desk or packed in a purse.  The convenience factor accompanied with the low calorie and low fat content makes string cheese one of the best snacks to eat when trying to lose weight.  String cheese is low in calories but tasty and convenient to eat.

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