Calories In Stella Artois

Stella Artois is a popular lager known for its great taste. Health experts warn that people seeking to lose weight should lay off the alcohol to avoid consuming too many calories. Some beer makers have responded by making low calorie and even low carbohydrate offerings for their health conscience customers.So how many calories in Stella Artois are there? Lets take a look.

One serving of Stella Artois (11.2 ounces) has 154 calories. Thats quite a few calories. Drinking just a couple of them would equal over 300 calories. That is certainly enough extra calories to completely derail your weight loss efforts.
Health experts also point to the fact that calories from beverages such as beer are void of any nutrition. Studies show that people who get 10% or more of their caloric intake from empty calorie sources are twice as likely to be obese.

You can also point to the fact that most of the time drinking beer is accompanied with fattening foods. This means that you get the calories from the beer as well as whatever food you are eating. Not saying it is impossible to lose weight drinking Stella Artois, but it makes a difficult task that much harder.
Knowing the calories in Stella Artois should help you in your weight loss journey. Good luck and keep with it.

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