Calories In Steamed Shrimp

Steamed shrimp is a healthy dish if prepared the right way.  There are not so many calories in steamed or boiled shrimp and hardly any fat to speak of.

In one medium sized, shelled, steamed shrimp there are 7 calories and 0.10 grams of fat.  Shrimp is high in protein and offers a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Shrimp is a health food that can be eaten on a low calorie diet plan.

While a medium sized steamed shrimp is 7 calories, one large jumbo sized prawn prepared the same way offers about 15 calories.  Prawns are much meatier and larger so the calorie content is higher.  Steaming shrimp is the best way to prepare them because it keeps the calorie content low.  If you are trying to lose weight and restrict your calories, eating steamed shrimp is the way to go.

In one standard sized shrimp there is 1.35 grams of protein.  Shrimp provides a lean protein snack or meal that can be eaten on top of salads or as the main course.  Shrimp is very lean and low in fat which makes it one of the best meat sources available when trying to cut calories and lose weight.

As always, when trying to cut calories, it is important to restrict your portion sizes and not overeat.  By doing so, you will keep your calorie consumption low.

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