Calories In Steamed Dumplings

There are about 80 calories in two steamed dumplings.  This means that there are approximately 40 calories per single dumpling, which is a lot of calories.

Steamed dumplings are often filled with chicken, meat, seafood or even vegetables.  They can be referred to as potstickers or meat filled won tons.  They are a popular food or appetizer in most Asian restaurants, however, they can rack up the calories if you overdo.

Most people eat more than one steamed dumpling.  Appetizers arrive on a plate of six or eight steamed dumplings and accompany loads of dipping sauces.
The steamed dumpling itself contains meat, cheese, veggies or other ingredients depending on the variety of dumpling ordered. Steamed dumplings are prepared in the most healthy way possible considering the calorie content found in them.

Some prefer deep frying the dumpling, which can contribute to an additional 100 calories per dumpling. If you are trying to cut back on your calorie intake, it is helpful to eat only the steamed variety of dumplings and watch your portions.  It is the portion size that causes problems because most people do not eat only one or two dumplings, but on average, 5-6!

The calories in steamed dumplings can really add up if you are not careful, so do yourself a favor, and share your portions your hips will thank you!

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