Calories In Starbucks Oatmeal

Supposedly Starbucks oatmeal is healthy, but its hard to say how healthy it is given that restaurants are known for adding a lot of preservatives in their foods that rack up the calorie content. With that said, just how many calories in Starbucks oatmeal is there?

According to their website, there are 140 calories in a serving of Oatmeal. That's pretty good. But they are a but sneaky because this is the calories in the oatmeal itself. Starbucks oatmeal comes with additional toppings such as brown sugar, nuts, or dried fruit so you have to go to another section of their site to find out how many calories those are.

The brown sugar is 50 calories, while the fruits and nuts are both 100 calories each. That means your Starbucks oatmeal really has 190 or 240 calories. That's still a low number of calories. You'd probably want to stick with just one topping if you are trying to keep the calories down. Some people like to pile the fruit and nuts on, which takes the calorie content to 340.

Still, Starbucks oatmeal is a healthy breakfast option compared to the other selections on their menu. Now that you know how many calories in Starbucks oatmeal there are, don't blow it by ordering a 800 calorie latte.

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