Calories In Sourdough Bread

One large slice of sourdough bread yields 100 calories.  Add a little butter to that slice of bread and your calorie content may average between 150-200 calories per serving.

Approximately ten percent of the calories in one slice of sourdough bread come from fat, 76% come from carbs and 13% come from protein. Sourdough bread is slightly higher in calories than most other bread varieties and the taste does come at a caloric price.

Warm sourdough bread is often served alongside soups in delicatessens and cafes.  It is a tasty bread that is as rich in taste as it is texture. Sourdough bread has a chewy texture and hard crust.  The inside of the bread is very soft and can be served with a variety of dishes.

The starter mixture of sourdough bread is similar to that of other bread varieties.  It contains just one cup of bread flour and one cup of water.  The key to sourdough bread is that the starter mixture must sit and ferment for eight hours before it is used in the bread.  It is thought that this fermentation process makes the calorie content rise because sugar is released during the process. However, this is not proven as of yet.

Some bakeries keep the starter fermenting for longer periods of time in an effort to bring out the sour-like taste of the bread.

Suzanne Somers

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