8 Exercises That Build Muscle

Little do people know that working the legs helps you get super lean from head to toe. If you participate in sports, it’s a must to do legs because most of your power is generated from them.

Squats -

Place an Olympic barbell on your back with enough weight that allows you to do ten reps fairly comfortably. Hold the bar steady with both hands. Stick your backside out while keeping your back as straight as possible and bend at the hips. The goal is to get your thighs parallel to the ground. Many beginners make the mistake of letting their knees go extend beyond their toes. To avoid this, make sure to stick your butt out.

Hang Cleans -
Hang cleans are a great exercise that works your entire body. This is a favorite by athletes who need explosive power to perform. To perform a hang clean, take an Olympic barbell and hold it with an overhand grip in front of your body. In one motion pull the bar up and then flip it under your wrists and thrust your legs out into a wide stance to support yourself.

Bench Press -
The bench press is a classic lifting move designed to build muscle in the chest, shoulders, and triceps. The primary muscles used are the pectorals. The secondary muscles are the triceps and shoulders.

You can use dumbbells or a flat bar. Make sure the bench you are using is low enough where your feet can go flat on the ground. Hold the bar or dumbbells with your hands approximately three feet apart. Bring down the bar until it touches your chest while inhaling. Exhale when you push the bar up. Never bounce it off of your chest or arch your back. Keep your back flat on the bench at all times to avoid injury.

Jump and Tuck Squats with Medicine Ball -
This exercise builds strength and power all over the body. Cradle the medicine ball in both arms. Stand with your feet should width apart, and get in a semi-squat position. Jump up as high as you can bring your knees to your chest (this incorporates the abdominals).

Dumbbell Lunges -
Lunges are great for the legs and glutes. You want to use dumbbells that add resistance to the exercise, but are light enough to do ten reps. Using dumbbells that are too heavy can cause a back injury.

With both dumbbells at your side step forward in a large stepping motion and bend your front leg. When coming back up press with your front leg while by pushing off of your heal. Pushing off of your heal utilizes the quadriceps and glutes, and avoids putting too much strain on the knees.

Bent-Over Rows -
Bent over rows builds strength and a strong looking back. You will need a flat bench and a dumbbell. With the dumbbell in your right hand, rest your left hand and knee on the bench to support your weight. Let the dumbbell hang down at your side and slowly lift it up keeping your arm tucked closely to your body. Bring it up as high as you can, squeezing your back muscles.

Dead Lift -
Stand with a bar and position your feet just shy of should width. Hold the bar in an overhand grip. Bend using your knees until the bar hits you in the knees. At this point lift your chest and pull the bar up keeping it close to your body.

T-Push Up -
This is a traditional push up with an extra movement at the end that builds your back and core strength. At the end of your push up, rotate your body so you are supporting yourself with one arm and the side of one foot. Your body should end up in an angled cross shape.

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