Calories In Rotisserie Chicken

There are not a lot of calories in rotisserie chicken, if prepared the right way!

Chicken is one of the leanest meats available and often seen on nearly every weight loss meal plan.  Preparing a rotisserie chicken is one of the best ways to cook the meat if you are trying to cut back on your calories.  Prepared in this manner, the fat drips off and is discarded, rather than consumed.

The skin of the chicken should be removed before preparing a rotisserie chicken in order to cut back even further on the calories.  If you are extremely health conscious and watching the number of calories you are consuming, it is best to stick to eating the white meat rather than the dark.  The dark meat is richer in calories and fat.  Stick to the white meat.

In order to prepare the meat in a healthy way that does not dry out the chicken, try brushing on olive oil before cooking.  Rotisserie chicken that has been prepared with extra virgin olive oil is very low in calories and provides no unhealthy fat.  Avoid using butter to baste the chicken. Butter will contribute to an overload of unwanted calories.

Rotisserie chicken is a lean protein source that can be enjoyed on any weight loss menu. Rotisserie chicken is low in calories, low in fat and very rich in lean protein.

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