Calories In Ricotta Cheese

There are approximately 100 calories in ricotta cheese this accounts for a 1/4 cup portion size that is made with whole milk. Part skim or reduced fat ricotta cheese contains less calories and in a 1/4 cup size there are about 65-80 calories.  While this is not a dramatic calorie cut, it still is a reduction and if you are trying to reduce the number of calories you consume, you might as well stick to low-fat ricotta.

Ricotta cheese contains sugar and fat, which contributes to the number of calories found in the product.  Many people use ricotta cheese in traditional Italian recipes, such as stuffed shells, baked ziti or lasagna.  For a lower calorie option, cottage cheese can be used. Most people prefer the taste of ricotta cheese, but it does come at a high caloric price.

Another way to cut calories in ricotta cheese is to reduce the portion size.  Instead of using a cup of ricotta, try cutting the portion in half. Eating less ricotta cheese helps to keep the number of calories lower, and fewer you will need to burn off.

In an effort to reduce calories, some use half portions of ricotta cheese and half cottage cheese.  This will allow you to keep the ricotta cheese taste in your dish without the number of calories, because cottage cheese is lower in calories.

Suzanne Somers

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