Calories In Oreo Cookies

Ask 10 people what there favorite cookie is and chances more than one will tell you it's an Oreo cookie. No one is foolish enough to think Oreo cookies are healthy, but just how many calories in Oreo cookies are there?

There are 80 calories in one Oreo cookie. Wow! Those little things pack a heavy weight calorie punch. Its too easy to sit down and eat 5 or 6 of them. Eat just 5 Oreo cookies and you have just consumed 400 calories! So what about the Double stuff Oreos? Those are even more delicious. One Double Stuff Oreo has 140 calories. Eat 5 of those and youve just ingested 700 calories. Thats over 1/3 of your daily calories just from 5 oreo cookies not good.

Losing weight is all about moderation and boundaries not abstaining from the foods that you love. So its okay to enjoy a few oreos on occasion. People who are healthy and look good and feel good understand they can occasionally reward themselves with some tasty treats like oreos.

As long as 90-95% of your food comes from clean, healthy sources and you keep your calories down, you can enjoy oreos without worrying about them affecting your health and waistline.
When you do eat oreos try and keep the number down, and this will keep the calories in Oreo cookies down. Enjoying them with a nice glass of cold milk is a great way to add a healthy component too.

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