Calories In Mussels

There are 10 calories in Mussels this is for a small to medium sized mussel. Most people do not eat just one mussel, but more like 10-20, because the size of the meat contained in each mussel is so small.  In 10 mussels there are about 100 calories and in 20 mussels there are 200 calories. The number continues in this respect if you are eating the standard sized, small to medium mussel that contains an average size portion of meat.

Steamed mussels provide a good source of protein and hardly any fat, unless you dunk the meat in melted butter.  If you are trying to cut back on your caloric intake, avoid using butter at all costs.  Even just a tablespoon of melted butter can add 50 calories to your meal. One cup of mussels offers about 250 calories.  Remember, this is just the meat, not the shell.  When weighing out the mussels, subtract the weight of the shells or you probably wont get any meat.

Mussels are a great source of nutrition and can be a good protein to eat while trying to cut back on calories and lose weight.  B12, vitamin C, riboflavin and potassium are all found in mussels.

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