Calories In Mixed Drinks

The calories in mixed drinks can add up depending on the ingredients you use and the type of drink you order. There can be as many as 500 calories in a chocolate and cream based liqueur drink, while a vodka on the rocks can provide about 60 calories. The great difference is in the kind of ingredients used. The more sugary and syrupy, the more calories will be found in the drink.  Those cute little electric blue martinis can offer 250 calories a glass!  Looks can be deceiving when it comes to mixed drinks and cocktails.  It seems the more flashy and alluring the drink looks, the more calories it contains.  The boring and plain drinks offer under 100 calories a piece.

The best way to cut calories when mixing up drinks is to watch the amount of extras you add. Go easy on the syrup, liqueur and flavorings because these ingredients can contribute to several hundred calories if you are not careful.  Instead, use Coke Zero or other diet sodas as a base for your rum or vodka.  A splash of syrup rather than a shot is also helpful in cutting back on the calories you consume.

Since there are a lot of calories in mixed drinks it is best to watch your portions and go easy on the colorful ones.  Remember, looks can be trouble when it comes to calories and mixed drinks.

Suzanne Somers

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