Calories In Mikes Hard Lemonade

Mikes Hard Lemonade is a sugary alcoholic drink that contains a lot of carbs.  In fact, one bottle consists of 33 grams of carbs, most of which comes from sugar.  This is also the main reason why the calories in Mikes Hard Lemonade is high.

There are about 220 calories in one bottle of Mikes Hard Lemonade.  While this may considered a high calorie drink, if consumed in moderation the calories can be kept reasonable.

There are several varieties of Mikes Hard Lemonade, including Hard Cranberry Lemonade, Harder Cranberry Lemonade, Harder Lemonade and for all of those trying to cut back on calories Light Hard Lemonade.  The Mikes Light Hard Lemonade was created with those trying to keep calories low in mind.

In one bottle of Mikes Light Hard Lemonade there are about 110 calories.  This is half of the regular type lemonade by Mikes and also contains half the number of carbohydrates.  One serving size is considered to be one entire bottle, so you get a lot of lemonade at half the calories.

Aside from the low calorie content in the lighter version of Mikes Hard Lemonade, there really is no nutritional value.  Most people drink Mikes Hard Lemonade because they like the taste and are not too concerned about the vitamins or nutrients found in the drink.  There are no vitamins, no fat, no sugars and no protein found in the light version of the drink, however, there are 130 mg of sodium.

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