Calories In Marinara Sauce

Marinara Sauce is typically made up of tomato sauce, garlic, salt and pepper, but there can be a lot of calories in marinara sauce depending on how it is made.

The calories can really start to add up when you add a lot of oil.  Extra virgin olive oil is the best route for keeping the calories low, but if you use a lot of oil the caloric content can dramatically increase.  If you avoid using vegetable or olive oils altogether, you can expect the calorie content to be much lower.

Another way to keep the calories low in marinara sauce is to avoid using fatty meats.  Some people prefer to use beef or sausage when preparing marinara sauce, but in an effort to keep the calories low you can eliminate the meat or use lean sources.  Lean ground turkey burger or chicken can help reduce the number of calories, however, most people do not like using chicken in their sauce.

Meatless and lean marinara sauce can offer about 70 calories per serving.  This number drastically changes with added oil and meat.  You can expect that number to jump to about 200 calories per serving if you prepare it in a fatty way. The best way to cut calories in marinara sauce is to watch your portions and keep them small.  The smaller the portions the less calories you will consume.

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