Calories In Mandarin Oranges

In one serving of canned Mandarin oranges there are about 180 calories. If you were to eat this amount in raw fruit, the number would be much lower. In one serving size of raw and fresh Mandarin oranges there are about 90 calories.  This is nearly half the amount found in canned oranges.

Fresh Mandarin oranges that have not been canned are the lowest in calories.  When packed in high fructose corn syrup or even light syrup, the number increases. Most people consume Mandarin oranges that have been processed and canned because they are more convenient and easy to eat.  Canned fruit, however, offers more calories than fresh fruit because of the processing that takes place. If you are trying to cut back on your calorie intake, it is best to avoid canned Mandarin oranges.  If you have no choice but eat the canned varieties, it is best to look for those packaged in water or low-sugar syrup.  The lighter the better when it comes to calories.  Mandarin oranges packed in water yield a lower number of calories than those packed in syrup, because of the sugar content. Since the calories in Mandarin oranges can rack up, it is best to keep the portion size small and never overeat.


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