Calories In KFC Grilled Chicken

There are approximately 225 calories in KFC grilled chicken breast and just seven grams of fat.

KFC, with its juicy, delicious, and very fattening fried chicken recently expanded its menu to include Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

How could the king of fried chicken think about doing such a thing? Its because people are becoming more health conscience, and are starting to avoid the fast food drive thru lanes filled with nothing but greasy offerings.

Those calories in KFC grilled chicken are low especially for a restaurant known for its unhealthy offerings. Grilled chicken is obviously better for you because it has no skin and is not deep fried. The grilled chicken is still very tasty and juicy yet you get only the benefits without the health hazards.

To go along with the 225 calories, the chicken breast has a whopping 40 grams of protein, zero grams of carbs, zero sugar and 730 mg of sodium. That is a lot of sodium and is one reason to not eat the KFC grilled chicken on a regular basis.

Another popular grilled KFC chicken piece the thigh, has 170 calories, but it does have more fat (10 grams) because thigh meat is fattier than breast meat. The thigh has 530 mg of sodium as well.

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