Calories In Honey Mustard Dressing

In one tablespoon of honey mustard dressing there are 50 calories. This is not a lot of calories, but when you add three and four tablespoons to your salad you can increase the calories in honey mustard dressing to nearly 200!  That is a lot!

Honey mustard salad dressing is becoming a popular choice for salads and vegetable dips.  Ranch, bleu cheese and other cream based dressings are richer in calories and fat.  Honey mustard is a much lighter choice. In one tablespoon of honey mustard dressing there are 2.5 grams of fat and about 7 grams of carbs.  The sugar that is found in this type of dressing contributes to the number of calories.  In one tablespoon of dressing there are about 6 grams of sugar.

Honey mustard dressing is a great choice for salads, dipping sauces for meats and chicken, or sauces for vegetables.  Honey mustard is a nice alternative to the standard salad dressing choices. In an effort to keep your calories low and not over-consume, it is best to keep the portion size low.  Instead of adding two and three tablespoons of honey mustard dressing, you can drizzle one or two tablespoons.  By doing so, you can greatly reduce your calories in honey mustard dressing by nearly fifty percent.

As with all foods, dont overdo.  Keeping your portion size low will help keep your calorie consumption low as well.

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