Calories In Grape Tomatoes

The verdict is still out when it comes to determining the number of calories found in grape tomatoes. Some nutritionists report that there is one calorie in a grape tomato, while others argue that there are two calories in one grape tomato.  Either way, there are not many calories in grape tomatoes.

Due to the sheer size of the grape tomato, one could expect that there are not a lot of calories.  Whether it is one or two, there are few calories in grape tomatoes and offer a lot of vitamin C.  In fact, grape tomatoes are as good for you as a glass of orange juice because of the amount of vitamin C found in the fruit/vegetable.

In ten raw grape tomatoes there are about 10-20 calories, depending on which food expert you agree with.  Eating them raw can be a healthy snack that provides your body with a lot of nutrition.  Grape tomatoes are tasty and fill you up. They can be eaten alone or added to salads.  Once you start adding dips and dressings, the calorie content will dramatically change.
In an effort to lose weight and keep your calories low, eating raw grape tomatoes is best. Avoid cooking them in sugar or added a lot of fatty ranch dressing in order to keep the calories low.  At one calorie a piece, you can afford to eat a few at a time.

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