Calories In Frozen Peas

In one cup of frozen peas there are about 110 calories. There is not much difference between the calorie content in frozen or fresh peas, but canned peas do contain slightly more because of the processing and canning that takes place. A half-cup of frozen peas, which is a customary portion size, presents about 55 calories.  This is not a lot of calories for those of you who are watching your caloric intake and trying to keep the number as low as possible.  One to two cups of frozen peas are reasonable portions, but anymore can rack up unwanted calories.

Frozen peas are typically boiled or steamed when prepared.  The boiling or steaming process does not add calories to the vegetables, but can eliminate some of the nutritional value.

Nutritionists and food experts argue that fresh is the best and in order to obtain the highest quality of purity and natural goodness from your vegetables, you must eat them raw.  The other side to this argument is that toxins and pesticides are removed throughout the steaming and boiling process, so the methods are better for your system.

If it is straight calories you are concerned about, then steaming or boiling will not hurt.  In fact, these are two of the best methods for preparation of frozen peas.  Since there are not a lot of calories in frozen peas, enjoy!

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