Calories In Frosted Mini Wheats

Frosted Mini Wheats are a popular cereal among the young and young at heart.  In just one bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats by Kelloggs there are about 220 calories.  When you add the milk, the number can slightly increase by approximately 20-40 calories.

Frosted Mini Wheats come in a variety of flavors, all of which contain about the same number of calories.  The variation in calories comes with the type of milk you use on your cereal.  Low fat, skim milk offers a lower number of calories than full-fat whole milk.

Frosted Mini Wheats cereal does contain sugar, or it wouldnt be called frosted.  It is the sugar found in the wheat based cereal that contributes to the number of calories.  The more frosting, the more calories.  However, Kelloggs has done its best to keep the calorie content relatively low, especially for a sugar-ridden cereal.
If you are trying to lose weight or cut back on the number of calories you consume, but still want to eat Frosted Mini Wheats, it is best to cut back on your portion sizes.  The smaller the portion the lower the number of calories you will consume. Another key way to reduce the number of calories in Frosted Mini Wheats is to reduce the amount of milk you use, as well as limit yourself to skim milk exclusively.

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