Calories In Fritos

Fritos are a popular corn chip with an original corn flavoring.  There are 160 calories in fritos this is for one serving.  Fritos are anything but low in calories and should not be included in your diet plan. However, if you just want the facts on Fritos, remember that there are 160 calories per one ounce of Fritos.  These popular corn chips are flavorful and delicious, but are not considered to be low in calories.

Fritos come in a variety of shapes and flavors.  The shapes do not change the calorie content, but the flavoring does alter the number slightly. In the BBQ flavored fritos there are about 170 calories per one ounce serving and in the ranch flavored fritos there are 165 calories per serving.  The larger scoop sized fritos contain 170 calories per serving and weigh more than the smaller sized traditional shaped fritos.

Most people eat their fritos with dip.  In fact, a popular bean or cheese dip is never far from a bowl of fritos at a party.  When you add dip onto each chip consumed, you can plan on accumulating another 100-200 calories per serving.  If you are trying to cut back on your calorie intake, but dont want to give up on your fritos simply avoid the dip. Portion control is crucial when cutting back on calories.  The calories in fritos can add up quickly, so pay attention to your portions.

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