Calories In Fried Okra

Fried okra has always been a table favorite in the South, but is making its way into popular chain restaurants across the nation.  There are a lot of calories in fried okra, so be aware if you are trying to lose weight.  We have the scoop on this tasty appetizers calorie count.

In 25 pieces of deep fat fried okra there are about 200 calories. The okra is prepared by dipping it in batter and deep frying it in a tub of oil at a high temperature.  The result is a crunchy corn-like taste and texture that can be quite appealing.  But, if you are watching your calories and the number you take in, fried okra may not be the best choice in snacks or appetizers.

Nutritionists state that fried okra contains as many calories as a cup of macaroni and cheese.  It also contains just about as much fat as this pasta favorite.  Fried okra is anything but healthy and if you are trying to cut back, this is not the item you want to include on your diet plan. There really is no other healthy manner in which to prepare fried okra.  Some nutritionists and foodies recommend a light seasoning on the okra before putting it on a tray and in the oven.  Broiling the okra at a high temperature can crisp it up a bit, but you must be careful to ensure it doesnt burn.  With so many calories in fried okra, it is important to watch your portions and keep them small.

Suzanne Somers

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