Calories In Fried Chicken Wings

Fried Chicken Wings are hardly a dieters mainstay when it comes to nutrition, at least they shouldnt be.  There are just too many calories in fried chicken wings. In fact, there are 90-100 calories in a skinless, non-coated chicken wing.  In a chicken wing with skin and floured batter there can be as many as 200 calories.

Most people enjoy their flavored chicken wings in a variety of sauces.  Ranch and bleu cheese dressing dips are among the favorites.  A small container of ranch can add nearly 200 calories to your consumption of wings, and that doesnt even include the calories that are found in the main dish!

Fried chicken wings are filled with grease because of the way they are prepared fried.  It may come as no surprise that eating chicken wings will not help you lose weight.  An appetizer from a traditional restaurant that consists of 6 wings and dipping sauce consists of nearly 1500-2000 calories.  Now remember, this is just the appetizer.

If you are trying to lose weight, then it is important to consume only one and leave the sauce off the meat.  Watching your portions can dramatically reduce the number of calories in fried chicken wings you consume.  Also, if you have a choice, order the skinless wings they are much better for you in terms of calories.

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