Calories In Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Everyone loves orange juice, but how many calories are in fresh squeezed orange juice?  For those of you trying to cut calories and watch what you eat, this number matters. In a one cup or eight-ounce serving of freshly squeezed orange juice there are about 110 calories.

Fresh squeezed orange juice does not contain as many calories as store-bought, pre-packaged orange juice, because it is naturally sweetened.  The pre-made varieties of orange juice contain a lot of sugar that is added in the packaging and manufacturing process.  The added sugar contributes to the higher number of calories.

In a half-cup of fresh squeezed orange juice there are about 55 calories.  This is not a lot of calories, especially for breakfast.  Combine a half-cup of the orange juice with a piece of whole grain bread and a few egg whites and you have prepared an excellent breakfast for yourself.
Orange juice is full of vitamin C and antioxidants.  These nutrients help boost the immune system and provide your body with energy. Natural orange juice drinkers report that by drinking a glass a day they are provided with an amazing amount of energy and never get sick.
It is the natural stuff that is best because of the low amount of sugar and calories.

There are not a lot of calories in fresh squeezed orange juice and it is considered a great food or drink for dieters.

Suzanne Somers

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