Calories In Filet Mignon

There are approximately 300-400 calories in filet mignon- this is for one 8-ounce serving size. Filet mignon is not the wisest choice when it comes to protein for weight loss enthusiasts.  If you are trying to restrict the number of calories that you take in, you would be better off to stick to a lean protein meat product like chicken or even pork. Filet mignon is full of protein but also contains a substantial amount of fat.

If you have wondered how many calories are in filet mignon, then your number really depends on the size of steak.  Obviously, the larger the cut, the more calories it will contain.  If you are trying to cut back on calories but still want to enjoy your favorite steak, pay attention to the size.  A small four-ounce portion size is better in terms of calories than a larger eight ounce steak.

Another way to eliminate the calories of your meat is to trim off the fat before cooking it.  Most people grill their filet mignon.  This is a healthy way to prepare the meat, but trimming the fat off the outer edges will cut even more calories.

Filet mignon is a meat lovers favorite cut because of its tenderness.  If you want to cut the calories in filet mignon without eliminating it from your diet, simply watch the portion sizes and eat in moderation.


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