Calories In Falafel

Falafel is typically prepared in a patty type shape.  There are 55 calories in one standard sized portion of falafel. Falafel is a healthy alternative to meat and is popular among the vegetarian community.

One patty of falafel prepared on a hamburger bun with all of the traditional fixings offers about 350 calories.  This is not a bad caloric count considering the average American style hamburger made with traditional beef offers 550 calories. Falafel is traditionally made of chickpeas that have been softened in water, mashed and mixed with a few other ingredients such as bread crumbs, onions and herbs. Falafel is very low in saturated fat and contains little to no cholesterol.  It is a healthy food that offers a great source of fiber, protein, and a wide variety of nutrients such as copper and folate.

In just one small ball shaped portion of falafel there are only 50 calories. However, the calories can rack up if you are not careful how you prepare the food product. Frying it in oil and grease can add another 50 calories to your small portion of falafel.  It is best to fry the chickpea product in extra virgin olive oil and lightly season in order to keep the calories low.

Since there are not a lot of calories in falafel, it can be enjoyed while following a strict meal plan.  Falafel wont destroy your weight loss efforts if eaten in moderation.

Suzanne Somers

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