Calories In Eggs Benedict

There can be a lot of calories in Eggs Benedict, so watch out if you are trying to reduce your consumption number.  Calories can creep up on you when least expected.

Eggs Benedict is a classic egg dish that combines eggs, bacon, English muffins and Hollandaise sauce.  The dish is rich, creamy and anything but healthy. There are about 550 calories in an Eggs Benedict dish made from two eggs.  That is a lot of calories, especially for breakfast.  To put this number into perspective, you would need to mow the lawn for 4 hours using a push-mower to burn off that number.

Eggs Benedict is extremely high in fat, which contributes to the large number of calories.  In just one serving of Eggs Benedict there are nearly 35 grams of fat, of which 12 grams are saturated.  That is an awful lot of fat so early in the morning!  A breakfast that contains that many fat grams and calories can cause you to become sluggish mid-morning and continue feeling like the energy has been zapped from your body the remainder of the day. In order to cut the calories, it is best to reduce your portion size.  You can do this by using just one egg or reducing the amount of sauce used on your dish.  Remember, there are a lot of calories in Eggs Benedict, so go easy!

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