Calories In Cooked Carrots

There are not as many calories in cooked carrots as many other vegetables, however, there still are some and if you are tracking your calorie consumption, you should be aware of how many.

In a small portion of cooked carrots (about 1 medium sized carrot sliced) there are about 10 calories.  While this may seem like a low number, topped with butter can multiply that number by ten fold! If you are cutting back on calories, you will want to leave the butter alone and enjoy them with a sprinkling of salt and pepper instead.

Carrots are a popular snack in the diet world because they are convenient, tasty and low in calories.  You can package a portion of carrots in a plastic zip lock bag and enjoy a low calorie snack mid-afternoon without ruining your dieting efforts. Carrots are the perfect size and extremely low in calories.

Cooked carrots are really no different, however, the cooking process does increase the sugar content ever so slightly.  Cooked carrots, if eaten in moderation, can provide a healthy and low fat dish that is great to accompany meat or fish.

Remembering how many calories are in cooked carrots is helpful in maintaining your weight.  It is important, as with any food, to not over-consume.  However, it is hard to go wrong with vegetables, like carrots.

Suzanne Somers

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