Calories In Condensed Milk

There are a lot of calories in condensed milk.  This is not the product you want to use if you are trying to cut your calories or lose weight. Condensed milk is often referred to as evaporated milk, and a common ingredient used in baked goods or desserts.  If the desserts themselves werent high calorie enough, try 350 calories per one cup serving of condensed milk.  Now, that is a lot of calories that could be avoided if you restrict your intake of particular food products.

Condensed milk is a sweetened milk based product that contains a lot of fat, carbs and calories.  You can expect between 25-30 calories per single fluid ounce of condensed milk.  Most recipes call for several ounces, so just in the condensed milk alone, you can expect to add 350-700 calories.

Not many people drink condensed milk by itself, but use it as an ingredient for baking.  However, some people who have been working hard to gain weight have chosen to drink condensed milk by the glass.  While this may not be common among the mainstream population, hard-gaining body builders have been doing this for decades.

If you are trying to lose weight or cut your calories, drinking condensed milk or using evaporated milk is not wise.  To cut the calories in condensed milk, either avoid it or look for a fat-free alternative.

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