Calories In Chicken Alfredo

There are an awful lot of calories in chicken alfredo!  In fact, it is one of the worst items to order in a restaurant because of the high number of calories and exorbitant fat content. In one full serving size of chicken alfredo from most restaurants, and even home-made, there are nearly 1200 calories.

This is a lot of calories.
The pasta dish is made of lots of butter, cream sauce and noodles.  By the time you add the chicken the dish is pushing nearly 1000 calories per serving. Many people eat their chicken alfredo with garlic bread or rolls and a side salad.  Whether it is rolls or bread sticks, by the time you finish your meal (and if you are still moving) you will have consumed about 2000 calories.  No wonder you wont find chicken alfredo on any diet menu plan.

There is no great way to cut the calories in this infamous pasta dish. The only sure way to reduce calories is to watch your portion size or eliminate it altogether from your menu.  Eating half of what you would normally consume is a great way to start.  When you are at a restaurant, try sharing your meal with your loved one or friend.

There are a lot of calories in chicken alfredo and if you are trying to lose weight, you should limit how much and how often you eat this dish.


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