Calories In Cheez Its

There are about 150 calories in Cheez Its. This is for a 25 cracker serving of the popular square crisp wafers.

This small but tasty cracker is one of the most popular crackers sold in the United States, next to Saltines or Ritz.  Cheez Its come in a variety of flavors, from Jack Cheese to Parmesan.  These crackers are small in size but offer a powerful cheesy blend of ingredients, making them a household favorite.

Cheez Its come in a large sized box or individual pouches.  For those who love Cheez Its crackers but are restricting their calorie intake, individual pouches are available and offer about 100 calories per package.  These small packages are convenient for snacks at work or on the go.

Cheez Its are a baked cracker that does come in regular or reduced-fat versions.  The reduced fat offers only 20 calories less than the regular type.  In the reduced fat variety there are 4.5 grams of fat and 20 grams of carbs. If you are trying to reduce your calories, then it is important to watch your portion size.  Since these crackers are small and tasty, it is easy to eat a large quantity at one time.  In an effort to cut calories in Cheez Its, count out the crackers and eat only that amount.  Avoid dipping the crackers in dips or layering them with cheese and watch your intake.

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