Calories In Canned Tomatoes

Canned tomatoes may not be as healthy as fresh, but they are not as high in calories as you might think. Sure, the process of canning and preserving requires a little extra sugar, but the sweetener is burned off during the process.  This means that the calories that you would think would be added to the canned tomatoes is surprisingly low.  In one cup of canned tomatoes there are about 75 calories.

This number can even be lower if you know how to shop.  Canned tomatoes come in a light version that offers as little as 55 calories per serving.  One cup of light canned tomatoes offers just 55 calories instead of the 75 calories offered by the regular version. If you are trying to cut back on your sodium and sugar intake, as well as calories, it is helpful to use the lighter varieties of canned tomatoes. The style of canned tomatoes usually doesnt change the calorie content, however some varieties of stewed tomatoes are preserved with more sugar, and this does contribute to more calories per serving.

If you are really wanting to restrict your calories, simply watch your portions and eat smaller amounts of canned tomatoes.  Also, if your recipe calls for two cups, try to get away with just one cup.  This will drastically reduce the calories in the canned tomatoes you use.

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