Calories In Canned Salmon

There are 125 calories in canned salmon - this is for a 3 ounce serving.  This number can vary depending on the salmon type and what it is packed in oil or water.

Canned salmon typically comes from saltwater and is primarily caught in the northern Pacific ocean waters, near Alaska.  The fish is extremely high in protein and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.  Salmon is considered a super-food in that it is relatively low in calories but rich in nutrients and vitamins that are essential for heart and brain health.

While canned salmon is not as nutritious or low in calories than fresh salmon, it is still good for you and can be a great protein source for those who are trying to lose weight and cut calories.
The best salmon to buy if you are on a diet or restricting your calories  is salmon packaged in fresh water, not oil.  Oil packaging can preserve the fish well, but tends to add a lot of unnecessary calories.  It is better to avoid the oil-processed fish and stick to the freshest variety that comes in water.

Canned salmon does contain a lot of fat approximately 11 grams per serving, but offers the good fat that is helpful with weight loss.  The calories found in canned salmon are relatively low, but overeating the protein source can put a spike on that number.


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