Calories In Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin can be used in a lot of dishes, especially that Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, but if you are like many dieters you may have wondered how many calories are in canned pumpkin.  Read on, we have the info.

In a half-cup of canned pumpkin there are about 40 calories.  Most recipes call for a half-cup or one full cup, so there are not a lot of calories added when using canned pumpkin.
Canned pumpkin is a much more convenient way of using pumpkin.  Fresh pumpkin, although slightly lower in calories, can be time consuming to gather and prepare.  Most people do not have a fresh pumpkin on hand, aside from the month of October, so the convenience of canned pumpkin makes it possible to bake pumpkin bread at Christmas.

While there may be only 80 calories in a cup of canned pumpkin, few people eat it right out of the can.  Most consume canned pumpkin after it has been prepared in a pie or bread.  In one slice of pumpkin pie there are close to 350 calories, but the calories that come from the pumpkin are generally only about 15-20.

There you have it the calorie count for canned pumpkin.  While there are not a lot of calories in canned pumpkin itself, there are a lot of calories in the types of foods prepared from it.


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