Calories In Canned Peas

Canned peas, like most vegetables, are low in calories. However, they are not as low in calories as fresh peas because of the processing that takes place during the canning operation. In a half-cup of canned peas there are 65 calories.  This number can fluctuate slightly if there is sodium or sugar added to the vegetables.

Most processing requires sugar and salt be added to the mix in order for the canned vegetables to remain preserved while on the shelf. This process typically adds a few extra calories to the vegetable.

One cup of cooked and canned peas yields 130-150 calories depending on the processing and sugar added for preservation.  If you are watching your number of calories consumed each day, it is important to read the labels of your canned peas to ensure you choose the lowest count.  The number can vary, so it is important to read the labels carefully while making your decision.  Calorie count is clearly labelled on the back of the can.

While peas are not considered to be high in calories, what you add to them might be.  Many people prepare their canned peas in butter. This process can add 100 more calories to each serving if you arent careful.  In order to keep the calories in canned peas low, be sure to avoid the butter and eat smaller portions.

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