Calories In Canned Corn

Now, we are not talking about hundreds of extra calories in the vegetable, but normally 20-50 calories in canned corn this is for one 2/3 cup serving. Canned corn usually contains more calories than fresh corn.  In fact, this is true of any vegetable.  Canned has more calories than fresh.

Why is this?  Canned vegetables must be preserved in order to stay on the grocery store shelves for long periods of time.  The contents must be preserved with sugar and this process contributes to the number of calories.

If you are trying to cut back on calories and looking for ways to cut calories from your diet, corn may not be the best vegetable to eat. Corn naturally contains sugar and consuming canned corn will provide your body with even more sugar, and consequently more calories.
While fresh is always best, it is important to avoid canned veggies if possible, especially corn. If you do eat canned corn and are trying to watch your calorie intake, stick to small portion sizes.  Overeating corn can pack on the calories.

It is also important to restrict your use of butter on top of the corn.  Adding a small slab of butter can add another 50-150 calories to your serving size of corn.  Stick to salt and a dash of pepper to flavor up the corn and avoid using cream, butter or cheese to jazz up the dish.

Suzanne Somers

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