Calories In Canned Black Beans

The number of calories in canned black beans varies slightly by brand and type. Some brands offer 110 calories per serving, while some of the fattier varieties offer 200 calories per serving.  The number changes depending on the ingredients found in the canned black beans. Some of the high calorie varieties contain lard or animal fat to flavor up the beans. Some may even contain ham or bacon, which contributes to the higher number of calories.  This added fat makes the beans more flavorful.

If you are trying to cut back on the number of calories you consume, then you will want to read the labels and make sure these ingredients are not in your canned black beans because the calories will sky-rocket. Look for beans that are flavored with vegetables or are considered to be all-natural, rather than flavored with animal fat.  If you are trying to cut back on your calories, you will appreciate the lower number consumed in the black beans packed in water, as opposed to animal fat and bacon.

One serving of natural black beans only contains 110 calories and a flavored variety with bacon or ham may contain up to 200 calories.  If you are cutting back on calories, it is best to do the flavoring at home with fresh herbs and spices. Since there are not a lot of calories in black beans they can be enjoyed on any diet plan.


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