Calories In Calamari

There are 150 calories in calamari this is for a one cup serving. Of those calories, 100 are derived from protein while 20 calories are from carbs and the rest are from fat.

Calamari is a squid that is cooked one of several ways. Calamari can be fried, boiled or even steamed. The way it is cooked and prepared is the biggest factor when it comes to how many calories in calamari there are. Calamari is not surprisingly full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are very good for you. Calamari has high amounts of vitamin c, thiamin, iron, potassium, B vitamins and many other healthy components.

Fried calamari has the highest amount of calories. The same one cup serving of boiled calamari that consists of 150 calories has 375 calories because of the oil and batter. Fried calamari might taste a lot better, but its very unhealthy. It shows you how deep frying anything can turn it from healthy to fattening very quickly.

The calories in calamari are not the only numbers that go up when you fry it. The number of grams of carbohydrates goes from 5 to 18. The fat goes up from 2 grams when its boiled to 13 grams of fat when it is fried.

So if you are going to enjoy calamari try to eat it boiled or steamed. Otherwise limit the fried calamari to special occasions.

Suzanne Somers

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