Calories In Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings first originated in the city of Buffalo around the mid-1960s according to food historians. Buffalo wings have since become a favorite snack food in homes and restaurants from Buffalo to Seattle and everywhere in between. So how many calories are in Buffalo wings?

It really depends on how to buffalo wings are prepared. Some have a thick batter on them and are deep fried, while other have just the skin and are grilled or baked.

Calories In Buffalo Wings
Pizza chains are known for their Buffalo wing choices. An order of Dominos Buffalo BBQ wings has 1,200 calories in them when you order ten. Thats an average of 120 calories per wing. That same order of ten wings also have 80 grams of fat. Ouch!

Typical restaurant wings you get at a diner are not going to have that many calories. An order of Dennys buffalo wings has about 350 calories in it for an order of ten. The calorie count is so much less because their wings are not covered in an inch thick batter. They have are baked and are covered in just the natural skin.

Buffalo wings can be a good source of protein, but make sure you eat them in moderation. Also avoid the high calorie dipping sauces like ranch and blue cheese if you want to keep the calories down.

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