Calories In Blue Cheese Dressing

There are a lot of calories in blue cheese dressing, but the number depends on how much you use. If you are used to piling on the dressing, you can expect that your calories are high despite your efforts to keep them low by ordering a salad with dinner.

In 2 tablespoons of blue cheese dressing, made the traditional way, there are 150 calories.  Most people use two to three times this amount and rack up 300-500 calories just in dressing.
If you are trying to lose weight and watch the number of calories you consume, it is best to order your salad dressing on the side.  You can save yourself a lot of calories by simply requesting that your blue cheese dressing be served alongside your salad and not on.  By requesting the dressing on the side you will have more control over the amount put on your salad.

Some restaurants carry fat-free or reduced calorie versions of the type of dressing you want.  For example, low-fat blue cheese dressing might be available, you simply have to ask for it.  Most low-fat varieties are lower in calories because of the low-fat milk or mayonnaise used as the base of the dressing.

In an effort to cut the calories in blue cheese dressing, watch your portion size and the type of dressing you use and before you know it you will be losing unwanted pounds.

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