Calories In Biscuits And Gravy

Looking for the perfect breakfast food?  Want to keep your calories low in the morning?  Avoid biscuits and gravy at all costs! So just how many calories in biscuits and gravy, you ask?

There are about 550 calories in biscuits and gravy and 30 grams of fat. This is just for one serving of this classic breakfast favorite which consists of one biscuit and a half-cup of gravy.
That is a lot of calories and fat so early in the morning.  In fact, the heavy meal may cause you to remain groggy the remainder of the day.

Most people do not eat just one biscuit when ordering this meal out. Biscuits and gravy plates typically consist of three biscuits open-faced with piles of gravy on each one.  This typical sized plate can offer well over 1000 calories, and that is just for breakfast. Accompany that plate with a glass of orange juice, a side of bacon and a cup of coffee and you have now consumed close to 1500 calories for breakfast.

One biscuit offers about 200-250 calories and the rest of the calories come from the gravy.  Biscuits and gravy are not recommended for anyone who is trying to lose weight or cut calories.  It is a high fat meal that, if eaten often, can pack on the weight especially if you are not burning the calories.

In an effort to slash the calories in biscuits and gravy, cut your portion sizes!

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