Calories In Baked Beans

There are 270 calories in baked beans this is for a one cup serving.

Boston baked beans are much higher in calories because of the added ingredients.  In one cup serving size of Boston baked beans there are nearly 400 calories.

For a side dish, there are a lot of calories in baked beans.  There are other sides that offer a lot less, but if you are wanting to eat baked beans, then it is helpful to stay informed.
Most baked beans are made with pork or utilize pork n beans as the staple ingredient.
Baked beans typically contain a lot of brown sugar and molasses. Both of these ingredients contain a lot of calories and make the side dish very sweet and tangy in taste.

If you are trying to lose weight or cut your calories, it is important to reduce the number of calories you consume.  Rather than eating a full cup serving at the company picnic, eat a half-cup serving.  You can reduce your calories by nearly fifty percent in doing so.

Another way to cut your calories is look for vegetarian style baked beans recipes that may even be low-cal.  Some of these dishes yield about 200-220 calories per one cup serving.
Since there are a lot of calories in baked beans, it is important to watch your portions and eat the dish in moderation.


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