Calories In Baby Back Ribs

The number of calories in baby back ribs can fluctuate depending on the type and amount of sauce used. In one serving of baby back ribs with barbecue sauce there can be 250 calories and in a serving without sauce, there may be 190 calories. The number changes depending on how much and what kind of sauce you use on your ribs.

Most people choose to eat more than one rib, so the number of calories does go up.  One rib does not provide that much meat, but remember that one rib does contribute to nearly 200 calories or more.

The average number of ribs eaten at one sitting is six.  This means that if you consume the average number of ribs, you may be eating 1200 calories.  This number does not include the dinner rolls, baked beans and salad that usually accompany a baby back ribs meal. In an effort to cut calories in baby back ribs, use less sauce and eat less.  If you order your ribs in a restaurant, scrape off as much of the sauce as you can without removing the meat.  You can actually shave off about 40-50 calories by removing a lot of the excess sauce.

The calories in baby back ribs do add up, so it is best to limit your number and try to conserve the amount you eat.

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