Calories In A Poached Egg

A poached egg, if prepared the right way, can be healthy and low in calories.  There are just over 50 calories in one small poached egg. That is not a lot of calories if you are trying to cut back.

How many calories in a poached egg really depends on the size.  As a small poached egg yields 50 calories, a medium sized egg offers about 65 calories.  A large egg offers 75 calories and an extra large jumbo egg offers about 95 calories.  Poached eggs are a good source of protein and can provide a lot of nutrition if accompanied with fresh fruit and a whole grain piece of light bread.

Poached eggs are lower in calories than fried eggs because they are prepared in water, rather than frying in butter or oil.  For a smaller portion of poached eggs the calorie content can be quite low.  In a one ounce serving size of poached eggs there are about 40 calories.
If you are trying to reduce your calorie intake and lose weight, consuming a small portion of eggs is wise.

There is no sense in over-doing it or you will rack up a lot of unnecessary calories.  Instead of choosing jumbo sized eggs, look for medium or even smaller sized eggs to prepare.  Cutting back on the size will greatly reduce the number of calories.


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