Calories In A Gala Apple

There are about 50 calories in a gala apple.  Expect to add a few more calories for a larger apple and subtract a few for a smaller sized apple.  This number factors in the peeling.

One slice of Gala apple offers about 9 calories and in one cup of sliced or chopped apple there are about 57 calories. Apples are considered to be a low-cal fruit and on par with the number of calories found in other apple varieties.

Gala apples are tasty and can be added to salads, dishes or eaten raw.  Apples are a wise and healthy snack because they are easy to pack to the office and snack on in between meetings.  Gala apples can be small in size and offer few calories, while boosting your metabolism in between meals.

A large Gala apple is twice as big as the small size and offers twice as many calories.  In one large Gala apple there are about 110 calories, give or take a few depending on size variation.  This is still a lot less calories than you would find in a bagel with cream cheese or bag of chips, which many people snack on at the office.

Gala apples contain hardly any fat, which is another reason they are a healthy and low-cal snack.  In one regular sized Gala apple there are approximately 0.2 grams of fat!

Suzanne Somers

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