Calories In A Croissant

There are approximately 180 calories in a croissant. Croissants are anything but healthy!  High in fat and carbohydrates, but surprisingly low in calories considering the ingredients.

While 180 calories in a croissant seems like a lot, considering croissants are made with lots of butter and flour, most people expect them to rack up a lot more calories.  Although, most people eat their croissants warm with butter or filled to the brim with cream cheese.  By doing so, you can add another 150-200 calories per croissant now that is a lot of calories!
In one large croissant with a tablespoon of butter there are about 300 calories.  This same sized croissant and butter also contains 15 grams of fat (half of which are saturated) and 45 mg of cholesterol.  In one croissant there are 500 mg of sodium and over 30 grams of carbohydrates.  As you can see, the calories in a croissant is not worth it for those trying to lose weight.

Croissants should be removed from the diet plan if you are trying to lose weight, however, eating croissants in moderation will not set you too off course to losing weight.  One croissant that is medium or small in size can be under 200 calories.  Leave off the butter and spreads to keep calories and fat content as low as possible.  While you may not eliminate all the calories, you can keep them within reason.

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