Calories Burned Playing Golf

Trying to determine how many calories are burned playing golf on the weekends?  You might just be surprised to learn that you can burn a lot of calories while playing on your favorite course. A thirty-minute session of golf can burn up to 450 calories.

The number varies depending on how much you walk, how fast you walk, if you carry your own clubs and how much you swing.  The number is also contingent on your level of fitness.  The more fit you are the less calories you are likely to burn.

If you are trying to burn more calories while playing golf, the best thing to do is remain active.  Rather than strolling along, walk briskly and carry your own clubs.  It is important to walk, rather than ride in the golf cart, if you are trying to maximize the number of calories burned. If you ride around in the golf cart most of the day, you can expect to burn less calories than if you walk all over the course.

While golf is primarily geared toward social interaction, it can burn calories if you stay up on your game.  Walk the course and keep active so that you burn more calories.  Some people report that they burned more calories playing golf than regular exercise because they lose track of time due to the fun they are having.

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