Calories Burned Mowing Lawn

The number of calories burned mowing lawn just might surprise you and get you out doing those household chores more often. You can burn as many as 400 calories in one hour mowing the lawn.

Now, this doesnt mean you are burning those calories while kicked back on your riding lawn mower.  Rather, pushing your mower up hills and grades will give you the best calorie burn.
The average number of calories burned by mowing the lawn is 300 per hour.  This is from a self-propelled or push mower, however, a push mower will require more calories be spent.
The number of calories burned in one hour depends on what kind of shape you are in.  If you are a rather sedentary person who only gets exercise when you are forced to mow the lawn, then you are probably going to burn a few more than the fit athlete who sees mowing as a way to get some fresh air.

More calories can be burned if you turn off the self-propel function on your mower (if available) and push it yourself.  Not only will you burn more calories this way, but even give yourself a little strength training during the process.

While you may not opt to mow daily in order to get your exercise in, calories can be burned by mowing the lawn once or twice a week.

Suzanne Somers

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