Calories Burned In Kickboxing

Want to know the number of calories burned in kickboxing class? You can burn as many as 500 calories in one hour of kickboxing!

First, the fitter or more in shape you are the less calories you are likely to burn.  This means that in order to burn the most calories, you need to work hard at it. Many people think that because they are in shape, they dont need to exercise as hard.  The truth is that you must be willing to work harder if you want to stay in shape.

Kickboxing is an intense sport that requires good cardiovascular endurance accompanied with solid muscle strength.   The exercise is great for losing weight but requires a lot of work.
If you are new to kickboxing, be prepared to get sore from the start.  The sport requires use of many muscles that are not typically used in a workout. You can burn a lot of calories in kickboxing because of the full-body impact required.  Accompanied with a healthy diet, kickboxing is a great sport for losing weight and burning calories.

There are a number of kickboxing classes that help you lose weight while improving the skills of the sport.  A lot of calories are burned in a kickboxing class if you put a lot of effort into the sport.

Suzanne Somers

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