Calories Burned In Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the best exercises to burn calories.
In one hour, 1,000 calories can be burned in jumping rope!  That is a lot of calories.
The exact number of calories burned in jumping rope depends on how much you weigh and what kind of shape you are in.
If you are a fit 160 pound man, you will probably burn close to 885 calories per hour jumping rope.  However, if you are an overweight 250 pound man, you will probably burn close to 1200 calories in one hour jumping rope.

Most overweight individuals have trouble jumping rope for long periods of time, resulting in less calories burned.  However, once you build yourself up to jumping rope for an hour, you will be burning a lot more calories than you could performing just about any other exercise.
Running and rope jumping burn about the same amount of calories, however, some argue that jumping rope is much more intense because you use your major muscle groups for longer periods of time.  There is a tremendous impact on your gluts and quads, and even some on your abs and hamstrings.  Getting these muscles working and strengthening creates more muscle mass and, as a result, more calories are burned.

Jumping rope increases your heart rate and respiratory rate, so it is best to start out slow and build on your intensity.


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